Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bad Blogger

I don't know what it is about June but life really speeds up during this month. I haven't had much time to post lately, combine that with learning new programs and you have one slightly stressed lady. Just a bit of rant old computer was a youthful 5 years old. So why is it so difficult to use the same programs I had on the old computer? OH NO!!!! The old email program no longer works with Windows 7. Windows 7 is nice but everything looks and is stored differently. I still need to decide what photo editing software to use. I am not a professional photographer, so I don't know what to invest in and I can't find the disc from the last program to see if it will even work on this computer. Sigh!!!!! I am figuring it all out but as I said June always seems to be on fast forward.

A bit off topic here but I did take one of my girls to Ste Anne's Inn and Spa for her sweet 16 birthday present.

I have been fortunate enough to visit Ste Anne's a few times and on one of my first visits the girls asked to come with us. At the time Ste Anne's had a policy of 16 years of age, so silly me I promised to take them when they turned 16. They weren't very old at the time but they didn't forget. I took Cassie 2 years ago, Nicole went this year and Jess goes next year. The older 2 girls have enjoyed their time at the spa (Nicole didn't want to come home, can't say that I didn't feel the same way!) If it is within your means to have a spa day at Ste Anne's (or better yet a weekend) I would highly recommend it. The buildings are so beautiful, the view and the grounds spectacular. Tell me who couldn't use a day or two where all you had to do was get meals and show up for whatever treatments you have chosen. Friday was an incredibly relaxing day with my daughter, my Mom and my sister.....heavenly!!!

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