Saturday, December 4, 2010

Suddenly it's Winter

I am one of those shunned people who absolutely love the seasons we are blessed with here in Canada. I embrace winter along with all the other seasons we are blessed with in Canada and I have got to tell you I am thrilled that it has started snowing. As I sit here and write up this post, there a snowflakes falling gently from the sky. A perfect day to go get our Christmas tree. My Mom & I have gone to cut a tree for Christmas since I got married 20 years ago. Yes I know not the most economic or environmentally friendly thing to do but the girls look forward to the outing every year. Last year my brother's family came with us and my sister wants to bring her family sometime. These are the memories of tomorrow and I for one am glad that my teenage daughters still want to go with us to carry on this tradition. Sure, there will come a time when I find a suitable artificial tree but for now I am looking forward to our visit to the tree farm.

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