Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

It was pointed out to me the diasters this post was, full of typos and bad grammar. I have corrected the many typos and am reposting for your pleasure. That's what I get for rushing! Timing is everything and wow the timing has been stressful on our purchase of The Stamp Barn. Not only did we have to get everything from their Ottawa Valley shop to our store, we had to try and sort the stock (over 900 images!) not only so can we find them easily but so that we would know what images Rodney and Sharon had in their collections. A catalogue is never quite the same as holding a stamp in your hand and just to make things really interesting, we have been getting ready for the shows that Tom & Rose-Marie are attending over the next few weeks. On Monday, March 28 Tom and Rose-Marie attended the Canadian Craft and Hobby Association show in Brampton. I am sure you have heard of CHA. These are the same people as CHA but geared towards Canadian stores. This is a retailers only show that has been revived by this year's organziers. The show was well attended by both vendors and retailers which was very encouraging considering the challenges the paper craft industry has faced over the last few years. If the attendance is any indication, rest assured paper crafts are alive and well in Ontario. As you can see the booth at a wholesale show looks very different from the booth that you will see when you get to ScrapFest Kitchener on April 9. Notice the Letrasets??? Yes they have arrived and let me tell you I am loving those markers. I will tell you more about them tomorrow. :D

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